Do We Know What It is to Wait?

imageSomething beautiful happens in our spirit when we wait in prayer. The quiet of that space stills us and reminds us we are not in control. Different things draw each of us to seek the comfort of God’s quiet holy embrace, but I wonder in this life if all of us really know what it means to wait?

I have walked where bellies are swollen from lack of food to eat.  I have touched the face of a small child hours before she took her last breath.  I have prayed with a man who lives behind a wall.  I have witnessed an entire community living in thirst, while I myself held in my hands a bottle of water to drink.

I have never suffered from hunger or thirst I could not readily fix. I am someone who when I speak others listen to me. I have waited in pain and in grief, but I worry I’ll forget my wait is not just about me.

During advent we wait for something just beyond our reach. It’s the hope that rose up a love so powerful it is able to unite a whole world. To wait in this way means to hunger and thirst for a world where children will no longer live with swollen bellies.  We agonize for a glimpse of a Kingdom where all will live with just enough.  It’s a wait for brothers and sisters everywhere to live free and a wait that has less to do about a specific you or me.

Yet, when in our lives we are the we that live with more than enough, I wonder if we really know what it means to wait? God calls God’s people to gather in prayer, so the eyes of our spirit connect us in spirit with all God’s children everywhere.  In the quiet and stillness of our Holy Wait, God grows in us the love we are called to live with in our wait.  It’s a love that calls for loss of control and release of ourselves for the sake of the whole.  God calls to us all to be still, to be quiet, and know that cries in the night are heard by the God who gives us the gift of love with the power to unite.

So during advent be silent and still.  Light a candle and let the light of it guide you to the love God instills.  Pray for the courage and strength to join with others in prayer, so that the light we share together will be what guides us in our wait.

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