Home for me for the next three years is a land called South Africa—a city called Cape Town. It is a stunning city with beautiful people and landscape and at the same time a place where the divide between the rich and the poor is one of the greatest in the world. Though it is a place I have visited regularly, there is so much for me to learn.  There is an area of Cape Town named District Six. The residents of District Six were forcibly removed from their homes during the Apartheid years and the District Six museum tells the story of these people.

District 6

Hanging on the wall of the museum is Noor Ebrahim’s story. He talks about releasing his prized racing pigeons when he and his family found their way to their new neighborhood. When the pigeons did not return he went to check their old home. This is what he shares, “As I drove past the now empty plot that used to be my home in Caledon Street, I saw a sight which shook me to my core: my pigeons, all 50 of them, were congregated on the empty plot where our home had stood. Getting out of my car, I walked over to where the pigeons were. Very surprisingly, they did not fly away, but looked into my eyes as if to ask: “Where is our home?” Apartheid displaced even the pigeons…

There are pigeons that have built a nest in the ceiling of Central Methodist Mission where I serve in Cape Town.  They can be pests flying around in the middle of sermons and such, but they bring a smile to my face mainly because they remind me of our call to love all God’s creatures.  I will love them more now knowing the story of the District Six pigeons–for many of our members worshipped in the church that is now the District Six Museum during the Apartheid years.  I pigeonam thankful there is a God that beckons us all to come home just as Noor Ebrahim beckoned his pigeon’s home.  I am finding my way with God in Cape Town and soon will have more stories to share, but wanted you to know I am thankful to all of you who travel so faithfully with me in life.

With you on the journey,


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